What Services Can a Small Print Shop Provide?

The internet has replaced some printing, and there is a whole generation of people who are waiting for the official Euro dates that are still confused about the services which are offered by small print shops. Many people would be surprised at both the traditional and modern services provided by small print shops.

Types of Printing

Offset printing uses a type of plate which sends images to rubber, which is then rolled onto paper. It does not print immediately to the paper. The offset press runs efficiently, once it has been tested and assembled. Offset printing is preferred when larger quantities are needed. It provides accurate colour and cleaner looking printing. Offset printing is most suitable for larger volumes of printing such as books and brochures. Large quantities of branded products such as postcards can also be made with offset printing

3D printing is a revolutionary new type of printing which may be used in small print shops but is little known by some print shop owners and consumers. 3D printing can manufacture all kinds of products, such as plastic toys, gifts and an almost endless list of items. 3D printing uses additive manufacturing which combines layers to make a product. A small print shop can use 3D printing to create promotional items or also expand their service into products such as prototypes, shoes, baby products and much more.

Digital methods of printing are popular today and are made using a computer. The print is then transferred to a surface. It uses toners such as in laser printers, and it is fast, good quality and also low cost. Digital printing does not require a printing press and provides better detail than some other forms of printing. Also, it is suitable for greeting cards, posters or flyers.

There are so many different types of printing which can be used by small print shops, and it is up to the owner to find both their niche and tasks that they enjoy working on.