5 Printing Techniques That Every Printing Company Needs to Know

Printing techniques have evolved over time. Some of the ancient methods included woodcut where one had to carve out a design from wood manually. These days, people go for faster and more advanced printing styles to save costs and get more work done. If you are looking for a printing technique that will suit your business, here are five to choose from.

Offset Lithography

This is mostly used for rough surfaces such as cloth, canvas and wood. It is also versatile enough to be incorporated in paper, stationery and books. Some people call it Litho or offset printing. It is a great technique, especially for mass production.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is probably the most used form of printing today, given its various uses and demand. It is often used by people printing signage, posters, newsletters, menus and labels. The technique uses methods such as laser and inkjet printing. It is also quite simple since the image to be printed is sent to the printer, which then prints it out on a paper.

Large Formats

Marketing agencies are quite familiar with this printing technique. It is commonly used for posters, vinyl banners, billboards, wallpapers, laminations and floor graphics. This is one of the most popular printed techniques among people who prefer traditional advertising.

Screen Printing

This is another common form of printing where one has to create a screen before printing the design on a piece of fabric. Though it can also be used on paper and metal, it is mostly used on different fabrics. It is more cost-effective for bulk-printing.

3D Printing

Most creatives prefer going with this form of printing thanks to its ability to bring out an image in three-dimensional displays. The technique has been in use since the early 1980s. It is used for display items, novelty items, toy figurines and marketing items.